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Your Budget Workshop

Virtually Hosted by:
The Blue Collar Success Group

Walk away with a working annual budget that will provide the road map to success.

Are you looking to have a record-breaking sales year that includes a record-breaking profit?

Building a budget has never been easier but I know what you are thinking…

”Why do I need a budget now? I have never had a budget and I make great money!”

You either have a plan or you are a part of someone else’s plan. Not having a plan means you are a part of someone else’s plan.

You bring your data!

We will bring the tools and coaching that will make your next year your best year yet!

To make sure you feel confident and prepared, we’ll hold a 15 minute pre-event webinar the week before the workshop to review the simple checklist of items you will need to have prepared and have access to during the Budget Workshop.

The virtual workshop will be (2) 3-hour sessions over the course of 2 days. Designed to allow you to still operate your business and be able to accomplish what most dream of having; a working detailed budget that shows the way to success!

Take Charge of your Future

Build your future business now by attending this virtual Budget Workshop.

Growing is not just simply adding 30% to the top line. You need a plan!
During this workshop, you will be led by a Certified Blue Collar Coach in a workshop style class.


Here is what you will leave with:

  • Your plan on how many calls you need
  • What KPI’s your team needs to achieve to hit budget
  • Manage your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  • Recognize what your expenses should be based on your revenue
  • Understand how all of this works together to help you hit your revenue goal

How it Works

Your Budget Building Options

We have 3 budget templates to choose from depending on what level of detail you want to see for your business.

Ideal for 1-2 Truck Operations

The Standard Budget

A simplified version that includes top line revenue with KPI’s to track by month, expenses are broken into 2 categories.

Great for 3+ Trucks/Tracking Monthly Performance

The Advanced Budget

A 2.0 budget template that expands on the simplified version by breaking COGS into separate categories, and breaks expenses into multiple categories with additional views to help you manage each month’s performance against budget.

Designed for companies with separate service and sales/install departments

The Integrated Budget

A 3.0 budget template that expands on the 2.0 version to include service agreement visits, and separate KPI’s and expenses for your service department separate from your sales and install department.

When it’s Happening

The Schedule

Here is the upcoming schedule with dates and times (a 30-minute break will be included during each workshop day):

Dates Coming Soon!!



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