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Click below for a sample Academy clip and see what’s being said about Professional Tech Academy:

Here’s what to expect from The Professional Tech Academy:

Better Presentation Skills

 Improved Ability to Deal with Objections

Consistency of Sales Process

More Confident, Professional Technicians

Increased Conversion Rates

Improved Client Connection

A Boost in Average Tickets

An Increasingly Positive Attitude About Being A “Salesperson”

Comprehensive Training that Complements, Not Conflicts With, Anything You’ve Trained in the Past

Just like having the necessary tools to do the technical work, you need to give your techs the right tools to sell the work.

“Completely Changed the way I look at my job!”

“Kenny and Chris held a two day training for service technicians and it completely changed the way I look at my job as well as my personal life. My entire process of how I perform my work has changed for the better and the lessons I learned in their class will help me throughout the rest of my life.”

Dominic Laufenberg, CPI Plumbing and Heating

“Simply Amazing!”

“This was an amazing training, everything about it was awesome. The whole staff were amazing people and took care of all of my needs. I learned a lot that I will take with me and improve on in my personal life and my work life!”

Kaelen Loveless, HRC Climate Services

Act Now &

Get These Amazing Bonuses

BONUS #1: Two – Pay

We know the service business better than anyone and understand how important cashflow is to your success. Even though it might be a busy season, you always want to protect cash. Why not spread out your investment while simultaneously getting the return??? We want to reward action-takers who understand the importance of continuous training. We are so confident in the results you will get, we are willing to be the bank and let you pay as you profit!

BONUS #2: Our “Blow Your Mind” Guarantee

This means there’s absolutely no risk. Everything we do at The Blue Collar Success Group is backed by our 100% “Blow Your Mind” Guarantee.

Meet Our Award-Winning Trainers

Kenny Chapman

Kenny Chapman

Award-winning trainer and best-selling author Kenny Chapman has influenced thousands of technicians and business leaders in the in-home service industry to realize their potential. A contractor at heart, Kenny has a passion for helping people work smarter, build confidence, overcome limiting beliefs, and learn the skills they need to achieve their goals. Nobody leaves Kenny’s training sessions without a clear plan and renewed excitement to make positive changes.

Jeremy Self

Jeremy Self

Jeremy began his career in the in-home service industry in 2003 and quickly became one of the youngest top-producing high-ticket salespeople in the United States by 2005. Jeremy has held virtually every high-level position in an in-home service company, including sales manager and general manager. When it comes to creating exceptional results in this industry, he has been involved in all aspects, from training, to coaching, to managing, as well as building systems that ensure sustainable positive results.

Chris Crew

Chris Crew

Recognized as a top performer at every level and possessing a passion to help others, Chris has trained hundreds of front-line employees from office staff to field personnel using his charismatic style of delivery, presenting powerful information in a way that helps people feel confident in themselves and the process. He most recently helped to build an electrical business from 10 trucks and 1 location to over 60 trucks and 5 locations producing $18M in revenue in just 4 years. 


Is this training only for new team members?

This training is designed for both new and existing team members. You can use it to help get new team members up to speed lighting quick as well as effectively eliminating and replacing some of the bad habits longer tenured technicians have picked up over the years.

I only have one tech/salesperson. How am I going to handle calls for them while they are gone?

The short amount of time that you cannot defer or miss some revenue, you will far more than make up afterwards through higher closing rates and higher average tickets. This is an investment that will keep giving! This Academy pays you to send your team to training.

Do you recommend that my managers attend?

Yes, absolutely. To hold your team accountable to the training processes and strategies, as well as maximize your investment, it’s important for your manager(s) to fully understand the content and delivery so they can coach your technicians effectively long after the training is completed.

How long should it take to see results from the training?

Most attendees see incredibly improved results immediately upon returning to the field. Their new energized process that has been skill-practiced at the Academy is designed to pay back your investment ASAP and quickly turn every call into more profit moving forward!

Is there a guarantee?

ABSOLUTELY! Everything we do at Blue Collar is guaranteed! And, this special offer falls under our Blue Collar 100% “Blow Your Mind” Guarantee. We know this training will work so well for you, we are willing to offer a complete refund if you aren’t 100% ecstatic about the results you experience. You have absolutely zero risk!

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